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PNC Servo Feeder Machine


Detailed introduction

PNC Servo Feeder Machine

Features of this machine:

1. It is suitable for the processing of symmetrical alternative forms, suitable for motor punching, circular saw blades, small kitchen and bathroom appliances, lighting products, auto parts, stainless steel products and other industries.

2. The picture is only clear and clear, and the operation is simple. There are two modes of relaxation at both ends and successive relaxation, which can realize multi-purpose of one machine.

3. Suitable for a wide range of materials, mainly steel, copper, aluminum, special alloys and bimetals, etc., and maximize the utilization of materials.

The structure of the machine:

1. It adopts high-quality servo motor motor microcomputer control system, which effectively shortens the time for distance adjustment and testing.

2. The offset sliding adopts high-speed linear bearing, and the guide rail is specially treated, which has no noise, high wear resistance, small load friction, and moves quickly and smoothly.

3. The yaw movement and the feeding are completed synchronously, which improves the feeding efficiency.

4. Human-machine interface control, easy to operate.