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What are the common feeders used in the stamping industry? The advantages of NC


Summary of information. Do you know which automatic feeder is more commonly used in the stamping automation industry today? I tell you is NC servo feeder......

Do you know which automatic feeder is more commonly used in the stamping automation industry today? I'll tell you that it's a servo feeder, but of course it wasn't at the beginning, from air feeder to roller feeder and nowadays it's a semi-automatic to fully automatic development process. The structure of the equipment and the operation of the results of continuous improvement and optimization. Here we will tell you why it has become the automatic feeder commonly used in the stamping industry.

Servo feeder can become the common use of the stamping industry feeder, the main reason is the ordinary air, roller feeder has long been unable to meet the production requirements of modern stamping products, such as feeding accuracy, speed and stability can not meet the requirements of the current punching machine. The NC servo feeder should be more extensive and can be installed on a wide range of stamping, shearing and hydraulic equipment and is widely used in various industries such as automotive, electronics and electrical appliances, hardware, etc.It has broke the limitations of common feeders.

Common automatic feeder for stamping industry - the benefits of servo feeder machine
 1. First of all, through structural improvement, quality improvement and higher precision, it is a model that integrates the CNC system into the feeding equipment to achieve precise control of the feeding cylinder by PLC and servo motor to achieve stamping feeding, usually the feeding precision can reach ±0.02mm, which is far from other feeding equipment.
 2. As we said earlier, the NC servo feeder is driven by a vertical motor and has both mechanical relaxation and pneumatic relaxation, so that it is not limited by the installation equipment and can be used not only with punching machines, but also with shearing machines and hydraulic presses, with a wider range of applications.

3. The operation is faster and more convenient, from semi-automatic to fully automatic, the servo feeder adopts a 7-inch touch screen point control operation mode, the feeding step, feeding speed and other parameters can be set easily and quickly, and at the same time equipped with a handle for the punching machine to test the die, greatly reducing the debugging time when stamping production.

4. Multi-stage feeding, to meet the needs of special processing, in the use of multi-engineered progressive die for stamping production, the feeding step is often not exactly the same, when the ordinary feeding machine can not be used in conjunction, and servo feeder equipped with 10-stage feeding function, can fully meet the needs of customers multi-station die

5. energy saving, high reliability, servo feeder in the relaxation phase, servo motor without continuous operation of energy storage, which greatly reduces the loss of energy, while in the event of failure, has automatic diagnosis function, the use of safe and reliable.

Through the introduction of the servo feeder can become a common equipment in the stamping industry is also a natural thing. At the same time its structure is diversified, according to customer requirements can be divided into many kinds such as servo pendulum type, three in one servo feeder and so on. It can also be customized according to customer requirements. The wide range of uses is naturally what we commonly see in feeders.