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Feeder maintenance and lubrication considerations


Information Summary. Work is good at what it does, it must first be good at what it does! Want to ensure the quality of the production products, the production line qualification rate. The first step is to do a good job of maintenance of tools (automatic...

If you want to do a good job, you have to do a good job! Want to ensure the quality of production products, production line qualification rate. The first step is to do a good job of maintenance of the tools (automatic feeder equipment). Lubrication is an essential part of the maintenance of equipment.

Feeder lubrication maintenance not only affects the accuracy of the use of equipment so that product quality is not up to standard, but also directly lead to the use of equipment to shorten the period, then change the feeder lubrication maintenance work to do how to do it?

Here we are talking about punching machine feeder, which includes: NC servo feeder,3 in 1 feeder, left and right pendulum feeder and other stamping automatic feeder equipment lubrication work, the above although the role of these are the same, due to its different structure, lubrication maintenance place slightly different. But roughly the same. Feeder lubrication and the traditional roller feeder regularly add grease can be different lubrication, its structure is relatively complex, the material frame, leveling machine, feeder three machines integrated in one, according to the load, speed temperature, gear type, gear material of different parts need to use different oils, due to good lubrication on the normal operation of the feeder decision role, so you need to pay attention to the following matters.

1, the feeder impact load parts of the oil selection.

2、Rougher surface accuracy of gear teeth selection.

3, high sliding contact (steel worm gear and JI teeth) selection.

4, leveling feeder head worm gear by steel worm with copper worm gear (do not choose extreme pressure gear oil), oil bath temperature of 75 ° C containing extreme pressure (EP) gear oil will react with non-ferrous metal gears.

5, feeder high temperature applications when the choice should choose synthetic oil.

6、Reverse stop gears equipped with a reverse stop device should never use gear oils containing extreme pressure EP additives.
7.Seriously leaking reduction gear box of the feeder can make

Lubrication is to ensure that the punching machine feeder in poor working conditions, but also to ensure that the main parts are still constant temperature work to ensure its high performance of the fundamental, each piece of equipment in the factory instructions have related maintenance and lubrication requirements and standards, in the operation of daily, operators should be strictly in accordance with the instructions lubrication requirements standards strictly enforced.